Web Development

The first thing a customer sees and interacts with is the front end. With years of experience, we make sure your website looks and feels exactly as designed and has been properly tested on platforms of your choice. Using the latest technologies, we make sure the design is conveyed into functioning code at the pixel level. We develop strictly in accordance with current standards and support you even after deployment.

We develop front and back end production to have a visually appealing front end as well as a back end capable of handling heavy operations. We SEO in all our developments to make sure you are on the spotlight.

Web App Development

React? Angular? Vue? that’s our middle name, or just HTML, CSS, and Javascript? We use the latest technologies to build the most interactive web applications. You do not have to worry as we can help you decide which one is the best based on what kind of application you want to build.

We develop websites and web-based applications tailored for your brand. Our expert team is able to create the app of your dreams. Whether it is a promotional app website, a content management system, e-commerce website, or an amazing idea the market hasn’t seen yet.


WordPress is a piece of software that allows you to create, edit and manage your own websites via an easy-to-use interface. Our custom-built websites are fast loading, accessible, and easy to manage. Our design team will help you improve conversion rates and user engagement.

Our WordPress sites are custom-built to meet your specific needs, with minimal plugins ad as easy to edit as word docs!

Back-end Development

Backend development is one of the vital components of the application. We use modern and trendy technology that produces a user-friendly experience combined with better performance. We develop custom backends for simple or complex web applications as well as systems that gather, manage, and process data from different sources. Our developers implement rock-solid security features and build a pleasant admin interface that makes it easy to manage different settings and configurations.

In addition to that, Uncinq offers custom application programming interface (API) development services, Web services development, Secure Web API Design & Development using different back-end frameworks like PHP, ASP.NET, Java, NodeJS, Django, and enabling smooth integration with your mobile app.


Our database developers give you the best solution to migrate or upgrade your database applications. With knowledge of MySQL, Oracle, and Mongo DB. We understand how performance and efficiency can be increased in business. Our developer’s major role in expanding databases and improving existing databases.

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