Support and Maintenance

Tech support from Uncinq is cross-platform, ensuring your customer’s issues get sorted at the quickest – be it on phone, chat, email, SMS or social media. We are here 24/7/365 as your support partners in local languages. All our staff members have the right blend of etiquette and soft skills to make your customers feel valued.
As the frontline of your business, we not only solve customer issues, we also help company growth by exposing the shortfalls and issues that can be modified and fixed. This not only improves your processes and makes your company better at what they do, it can also help implement savings as you are reducing the number of customer pain points.

Virtual Support Desk

A virtual help desk allows organizations to deploy and manage their technicians on-demand to provide support to a computer user. This eliminates the need for manual intervention and allows the technicians to diagnose and fix the issue without having to travel to a remote area.

Product Updates

In order to succeed in today’s age, businesses must be able to harness and exploit the features and functionalities of advanced technology. Advanced technology provide businesses with the ability to disrupt markets through task and process automations as well as wireless communication capabilities.

Our experienced custom software developers are able to design and develop cutting-edge advanced technologies which improve internal efficiencies, client communication, data analytics and more.


IT Management

If you’ve got a business, you’ve got a need for IT management services. This form of service involves the process of overseeing all matters which involve the information technology operations and resources involved in an IT organization.

Managing your IT resources ensures that all your company’s information technology is properly managed according to its specific needs. The resources we’re talking about here could be anything from computer hardware and software, data centre facilities, data, network and even the staff that is hired to maintain your company’s IT infrastructure.


Technical documentation is the information regarding the handling, functionality, creation or architecture of a product. The intended purpose is to guide end users, administrators, technicians or others involved in the maintenance, deployment or supervision of said product, and to ensure proper understanding of its functions and dependencies.

Smart technical and project documentation from Uncinq involves accurate and detailed technical writing.

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