Other Services


Need to ensure fast, continuous delivery and a consistently high level of software quality? An approach to software that establishes close collaboration between software engineers and IT operations employees, DevOps will help you achieve this by automating and optimizing your IT processes. Our expert DevOps engineers will help you attune the delivery, deployment, development, security, and support of any high-load, fail-safe system with microservices architecture — so your business strategy can always rely on high-quality software.

Q.A Testing

Our test team works around the clock to find bugs and errors before they happen. Our team members are trained to handle the various tasks involved in preparing and implementing test cases.

Our QA services will help you establish concrete control over your product’s life cycle, monitor every development stage, and give you accurate product quality information. For over a decade, our QA experts have been using the latest practices and technologies to ensure efficient performance and high-quality project implementation for the world’s largest enterprises, aiding in delivering solid software on time.


Uncinq Cybersecurity team offers a range of solutions related to the protection of computer systems within an organization. We offer expertise along the three stages of business cybersecurity: assessment, protection, and remediation. 

Armed with the latest tools, strategies, and knowledge to address your global security needs, our comprehensive services include everything from incident response and security risk assessments to comprehensive, customized deployments and training. 

We ensure that there is proper dissemination of awareness among your staff, as well as guidelines to follow. This lessens cyber risks attributed to faulty or negligent handling of company data.

A.I & Machine Learning

We research, design & build AI technologies to help our clients solve real-world problems using data.

We work closely with our clients & assist them to make sure they can use & maintain AI tech in the future. We don’t only ship code, we help companies make the AI transition in order to evolve and grow, in the near and distant future.

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