UI/UX Design

“It is not enough that we build products that function, that are understandable and usable, we also need to build products that bring joy and excitement, pleasure and fun, and, yes, beauty to people’s lives.” -Don Norman

Good UI/UX design is a defining factor for any digital product. Any aspect of a website, app, or software that doesn’t consider the user’s needs is ultimately doomed to fail. A huge part of the UX design process is getting to know your target audience: what are their goals? What are their challenges? What motivates them, and how do they move? The entire product should be built for these people.

We start by understanding our clients’ needs and work with them to achieve the best design for their users. Our design journey is a multi-step process with testing and feedback spots at the end of each step. Our goal is to achieve the best design that embraces your brand personality, gives your clients a flawless experience, and keeps you ahead of your competitors. 


A prototype is a mockup of the solution you plan to create. It’s the metaphorical front of the product.  You can mock up every interaction and view so that it can be experienced the same way as a fully developed product. You will demonstrate all of the functionality you want to incorporate in your software, validate the concept, and validate the overall UX approach. 

The team will now produce a number of inexpensive, scaled-down versions of the product or specific features found within the product, so they can investigate the proposed solutions. The solutions are implemented within the prototypes, and, one by one, they are investigated and either accepted, improved, and re-examined or rejected.

Wireframe Design

A foundation of UX design is ensuring that the graphic configuration and presentation of information on an application is consistent and correlates with current user conceptual models and preferences. We make certain that the correct information is delivered in the correct manner, at the correct location, and at the correct time.

Wireframing is the most effective method for visualizing and representing UI functions. It allows for efficient coordination among team members as well as early testing of workflows, navigation, and overall data structure.

Application Design

Your product’s aesthetic appeal has a major effect on consumers. Although the functionality of a product is essential, it does not promote interaction on its own. We use user-centered design to provide a consistent, predictable, and desirable experience for our target audience. We enhance the user experience by targeting customers on a broader and more emotional basis.

The experience is changed by eliciting an emotional reaction in the customer that is related to their behaviors and achievements. One of the main goals of UX design is to give meaning to users’ natural behavior and, as a result, to provide them with a tale to take away from the experience. We will ensure that the label is consistent with the rest of your products and that it is well-marketed.

Usability Testing

We assist you in establishing the appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) based on the objectives established at the start of the UX project. Uncinq conducts user research and systematic analysis to transform data into actionable interface changes. We use a variety of approaches to collect user input, ranging from remote user monitoring to one-on-one sessions.

We’ll assist you in determining which option is best for you and the other participants. We like challenges and are always open to new discoveries that can help us improve your product.

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