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Design thinking

To ensure our customer’s absolute satisfaction we intend first to understand their problem, defy the challenges, and come up with a practical solution.

Our problem-solving process always starts with Design Thinking.

The first step in the Design Thinking process is to develop an empathic understanding of the problem at hand. This includes consulting experts to learn more about the subject matter by observing, engaging and empathizing people to comprehend their experiences and motivations. It also includes immersing in the physical environment so that you are able to understand the problems in question more personally.

In this stage, our team will analyze and synthesize our observations from the first in order to determine the core problems that we have noticed thus far.

With this firm understanding of the problem, our team starts to “think outside the box” in order to uncover innovative solutions to the determined problem.

The design team will now create a number of low-cost, scaled-down versions of the product or specific features found within it in order to investigate the problem solutions generated in the previous stage. Prototypes can be shared and tested inside the team, across departments, or on a small group of individuals outside the design team.

Development Approach

We believe software development is a continuous process. With the rise in technology, it is impossible to develop solutions that will always be up to date. Our development approach uses up to date technologies and we strive to make products that will adapt to future changes in technologies.

The main steps include: Planning, Design & Development, and Launch.

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